The internet has opened up many possibilities to education within the classroom. It provides a new found learning platform that was once confined to books and photocopied resources. It has enhanced learning and made it challenging, creative and personal and at the same time allowed teaching to be more creative and flexible. However, with such advancement and evolution in technology it is becoming more difficult to ensure online usage is safe for staff and pupils, both in and out of school. Now more than ever before schools are having to provide adequate policies and support to ensure the e-safety of their staff and pupils.

With this ever increasing usage of ICT in the curriculum combined with increased time of internet access within the classroom it is becoming increasingly more important for schools to ensure their e-safety and safeguarding policies are in place. At Network IT 24 our connectivity specialists are trained, specialised and knowledgeable when it comes to policies and guidelines corresponding to internet usage and e-safety. You can trust in us to help keep your school, staff and pupils safe online.

What is e Safety?

Ofsted describes e safety for schools and academies as an ability to educate and safeguard pupils and staff in their use of technology as well as having suitable devices in place to facilitate and support any incident where suitable.

At Network It 24 we can support your school and staff in ensuring you follow the guidelines provided by Ofsted. Download our free eBook now where you will find the requirements Ofsted look for.

Why are schools so concerned about e-safety?

Children have access to online facilities now more than ever before, whether this is through social media networks, playing online games and using smartphones or tablets. With this increased usage comes the increased possibility of experiencing cyber bullying, grooming, sexual abuse and/or exploitation and emotional abuse. Unlike bullying in the playground, children can become victims of cyberbullying in the safety of their own homes, any time of the day or night.

In order to ensure the safety of all children and provide awareness of online safety schools have to ensure they have an e-safety safeguarding policy in place. For more information on how to ensure you are meeting the Ofsted criteria for e-safety download our free e-safety eBook here…

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