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Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced ICT equipment failing on us and being left with that sinking feeling of whether or not we created a backup of our work. The different impact losing work on a classroom computer when compared to the school server is enormous. We can help provide your school with the best online backup solution. With this in mind we believe the way forward is with Cloud backup. Your school can backup important files using our cloud backup service onto the internet where you can access everything remotely from anywhere safely and securely.

Our Backup Service

Cloud backup Service is a Capita approved, fully automated, online backup and recovery service allowing schools to securely backup their data off-site, over the internet to our remote data centres. With our Cloud Backup Service you can reduce costs, reduce complexity and fully automate backups, saving time and money, removing the worry and risk of traditional old-fashioned backup methods and ensure data is protected and recoverable.

Cloud Backup Service Plus is an extension of the hugely successful Cloud Backup Service and has been designed to cater for the large data quantities and complex environments that exist in large primaries, secondary schools, academies and colleges.

Why Cloud Backup?

Schools and colleges have invested heavily in ICT, for staff to plan and deliver lessons and to store pupil data. ICT can improve the quality of teaching, learning and management in schools and colleges and helps raise standards. Systems and data in schools and colleges is now more important than ever before and as schools become increasing reliant on ICT, they now have an increased responsibility to ensure data is protected and backed up. Tapes fail, tape drives fail and people and manual processes can fail. A reliable backup solution is vital in ensuring the continued smooth running of school and college systems and for the protection of lesson material and pupil data. This complies with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) where all public and private organisations are legally obliged to protect any personal information they hold.

How does it work?

RBUSS is a fully automated online backup service that allows you to back up and restore all data and files held on your MIS (Admin), Curriculum and school systems. It backs up your data via the internet or a dedicated link and stores it securely off-site in multiple data centres.

Backups are automatic; data is compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to Redstor’s primary data centre. Data reduction technology in software agents installed on school devices means that only unique blocks of data that have changed since the previous backup are transmitted, reducing impact on valuable bandwidth and increasing the speed of backup and recoverability. Data is continuously mirrored to our secondary data centre for resilience and peace of mind. You can restore data at any time to the same or alternate location. Each backup session is recorded and daily reports are emailed automatically. If a backup is missed or failed you will know about it.

Features & Benefits

  • No need for any other backup media (USB hard drives, DVDs, tapes) or hardware (tape drives etc.).
  • No manual backups – fully automated with no human intervention or management required at the school, academy or college.
  • 60 days of individual daily backup retention to comply with internal policy and regulations.
  • School controlled backup policies – file selection and backup schedules.
  • Off-site disaster recovery – all data is immediately off-site and retained on disk for on-line recovery.
  • Secure – all data is encrypted with AES encryption.
  • ‘Green’ Service – no tapes, no extra hardware and no more technicians driving round in cars visiting schools to fi x tape related backup issues.
  • Backups/Restores – conducted anytime, from anywhere, to anywhere.
  • Cost-effective – compared to existing traditional methods.
  • Capita approved solution for protecting SIMS
  • Meets and exceeds Becta and ICO guidelines

Redstor has been providing business-grade online backup services to small businesses, large enterprises and to thousands of primary schools since 2004 and today protects almost a petabyte of end user data across tens of thousands of end user device from its Service Platform. Redstor has a strong presence in the Education Market partnering with over 85 Local Authority and education service providers addressing over 14,000 primary schools in the UK and with solutions such as CentraStage, delivering simplified device management.


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